The next step is to visit your account dashboard and enter the personal information Alvexo needs to verify your identity. Upon registering for an account, you will need to upload a photo ID and proof of address. The Alvexo Plus package is available to Classic account holders for 30 days with a personal consultation.

  1. On the other hand, the education segment includes tutorials, articles, a FAQ section, and a glossary.
  2. To evaluate brokers, we test the accounts, trading tools and services provided.
  3. Lastly, Mobile App allows trading at any time with ease and convenience with all symbols and functions through full modification features covering your trading needs by any mean.
  4. By chance you lose your money and they ask you to add more money please do not add until you have read your news your social media your analysis across different platforms.
  5. With Alvexo, you can perform currencies, commodities, indices, equities, and cryptocurrencies trading.

Compare the markets and instruments offered by Alvexo and its competitors. Please note, some markets may only be available via CFDs or other derivatives. Compare Alvexo with the top 3 similar brokers that accept traders from your location.

Is the Alvexo Trading Platform Secure?

All in all, the support team is quite friendly, extremely responsive, and efficient in problem-solving. The built-in trading tools are compatible across multiple devices and offer a more robust trading experience. The software is designed to supplement the existing MetaTrader 4 platform, allowing traders to manage investment portfolios, perform technical analysis, and set necessarily real-time price alerts. MetaTrader 4 is one of the most trusted and respected platforms preferred by most traders today. It is an extremely robust and feature-rich trading platform with welcoming functionality for new clients and advanced functionality to cater to the requirements of the more advanced market participants. Alvexo investment services include delivering an A-Z trading experience with more than 450 assets that range from forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, before trading, verify the Alvexo trading instruments available and the regulations governing them based on your account holder, location, and chosen platform. However, it's important to note that depending on your trading account type, some brokers may require a higher minimum deposit of up to 10,000 GBP/USD. Therefore, it's essential to research and compares different brokers to determine which best suits your trading needs and budget.

How do I open an account with Alvexo?

The Alvexo trading platform allows traders to track their portfolios and the current markets, locate trade ideas and place trades. It's essential to note that the trading instruments offered under the Alvexo brand may vary depending on the customer account holder and country of residence due to regulatory restrictions. Besides, the trading platform the customer selects may also impact the available trading instruments.

Education and research tools offered by Alvexo

The spreads on indices like FTSE 100 start at 3.5 pips for Classic account and 0.88 pips for Elite account. The min. deposit for the Prime accounts is set at a much higher level at alvexo forex trading €50,000 with much tighter spreads and additional complex CFD instruments. The ECN VIP account or the Elite account is the only account where all the instruments are available.

ECN Gold account commission for EUR/USD pair is 18pt, while ECN VIP account commission for the same pair is 13 pt, and for Alvexo spreads themselves see the comparison example below. As well you may compare Alvexo fees to another popular broker Pepperstone. They even offer trading signals for less experienced traders so that they could open orders and analyze the deals from the technical perspective. But I assure you can learn a lot from this possibility, not just profits. Although the company does not charge a penny for making deposits and withdrawals, it collects fees from commissions and spreads across available tradable assets. The fees Alvexo charges are high compared to other brokers in the forex industry.

What are Tier 1 banks and why should Alvexo use them?

One of the notable features of the Alvexo company is negative balance protection. This feature ensures that the clients never lose more money than they initially invested with this company. Alvexo provides traders with expensive trading conditions in an uncompetitive trading environment; they may be the highest across the brokerage industry. Alvexo claims over 650,000 registrations, though this information could not be confirmed. Information provided regarding costs contradicts itself on their website, and CySEC regulation does little to install confidence in Alvexo. The economic calendar returned a blank section, while the four trading calculators are better presented as an MT4 plugin for a proper deal ticket.

You can also find contact numbers for the various company branches on the official website, which are located in the United Kingdom (UK), France, Romania, Spain, South Africa, Italy, and Sweden. To comply with the regulatory requirements, Alvexo must also maintain its clients’ deposits in a separate bank account that is protected from negative balances. In addition to its 450 financial tools, Alvexo Brokers has thousands of registered traders worldwide, including the UAE, Singapore, and France.

Trading cryptocurrencies do not require holding the actual trading asset, as there is no need to create a portfolio on the exchange. Alvexo minimum deposit is 500$, which is defined by Classic Account conditions, yet the amount is also defined by the account type you choose. Alvexo fees are depending on the account type and are commission or spread basis. Also, always consider Alvexo rollover or overnight fee as a cost, it is charged on the positions held longer than a day and may be checked directly from the platform. Each instrument has a different condition for overnight positions and may be presented for you as a fee or refund. Note that the content on this site should not be considered investment advice.

Alvexo Brokers has over 450 financial tools with thousands of registered traders worldwide, including the UAE, Singapore, and France. Additionally, they are sorted by asset class, and there is a search function; the list only includes five major assets, and traders have to scroll through a sometimes-extensive list at times. Clicking on “View all details” opens a new tab and displays the exchange rates of the asset. At the same time, Alvexo imposes swap fees for overnight positions, with rates subject to change.

Based on the information presented, it is safe to conclude that Alvexo is a secure and safe platform.

This broker additionally conducts events multiple times per year, to meet clients and present the latest market trends. Alvexo collects its fees from spreads and commissions charges across all available assets. The EUR/USD is listed with a spread of 3.3 pips in the Classic account; this is reduced to 1.4 in its ECN account, but a commission between $13 and $18 applies. Commission charges for equity CFDs range between $0.025 and $0.015 per share, and certain assets are priced as high as $50 per lot. This broker is a market maker and also profits from traders’ losses where it acts as the count-party to the positions taken.

Alvexo mainly collects its money from spreads, commission, and the losses of clients as a direct counterparty. It is also regulated with exchange commission cysec, so it follows strict regulation rules. In the coming section of the Alvexo review, the brokering platform has been critically reviewed to deliver a logical opinion on it. In the Alvexo reviews, all the aspects of the brokers have been critically examined, in the context of its efficiency for the traders. So go through our review and get a better insight into the working of the trading platform. Under this broker model, Alvexo does not act as a market maker or take on positions from clients itself, so that substantially reduces their conflict of interest with clients.

Where is Alvexo regulated?

Withdrawing money from Alvexo processing time varies depending on the method but averages 1-5 days. As Alvexo is regulated by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), licenced in Australia and Hong Kong for stockbroking and corporate finance activities. On the other hand, if Apple Computer Inc falls by 10%, your position worth $10,000 is now worth only $9,000, representing a $1,000 decrease. Therefore, Alvexo leverage magnifies both profits and losses in trading.

While Alvexo presents itself as a broker with a wide range of trading instruments and services, its lower-than-average rating from experts at Traders Union raises concerns. On the negative side, brand popularity and customer support, with scores of 3.35 and 6.10, respectively, raise concerns about Alvexo’s reputation and customer service quality. Accordingly, the team of seasoned experts noted that user satisfaction with the broker stands at 3.72, a reflection of the genuine concerns and challenges experienced by Alvexo clients.